Marc Jacobs nailpolish in Gatsby 110.


Today, I am sharing with you my thoughts and pics of another Marc Jacobs nailpolish, Gatsby 110.

Gorgeous metallic with pink undertone. Comparing to other Marc Jacobs nailpolishes, I own, Le Charm and Petra, it is stripy, when being applied.

Despite this fact, it looks amazing.


I am in love with this beautiful shade. Roses and champagne comes to my mind when looking at it.

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Guerlain Rouge in Madame Batifole 860, Madame Flirte 861 and Madame Reve 862.


Hi gorgeous! This weekend, I am off work. So, I want to share with a quick post about three quite amazing lipsticks from Guerlain Fall 2013 collection, Madame Batifole 860 (fuchsia), Madame Flirte 861 (pink) and Madame Reve 862 (red).

This wasn’t my first time, when I had a chance to try Guerlain lipstick in heavy metallic design. So, I was ready for my handbag to turn into exercise equipment, thanks to weight addition. Just kidding) Though, I’ve got more muscle mass, lately, because of running less and strength exercising more. Plus, I love my proteins…

OK, back to beauty talk.


The texture of these lipsticks is softer, comparing to previous Guerlain lipsticks, I’ve tried. It goes on smoothly. Feels light on lips. I personally apply these lipsticks by dotting them on my lips, and then smooth the texture with my finger. I do that, since I don’t want a lot of pigmentation. Though, you don’t have to worry that much about it. As I’ve already mentioned, the texture is soft. At the same time, it is well moisturized and glides on easy. So, you’ll be able to control, how much intensity you want for yourself.

This time, I am not going to do swatches on my arm. Instead, I am going to show you how different lipsticks look on me.

First, me without lipstick (Dior lip balm has been applied).


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Tria Beauty: Laser Hair Removal 4X. My experience and thoughts.


Finally, I am writing about Tria Laser hair removal 4X. I haven’t been in any rush to post my review, since I wanted to give it plenty time in usage.

Tria Beauty laser hair removal is designed to remove unwanted hair on the face and body. Unlike shaving or waxing, it treats the folicles of your hair, not just hair itself.

Laser is only effective towards dark hair, since it activates by the dark pigment in the hair. So, please note: Tria laser works only on naturally brown or black hair.

In addition, the lighter your skin the safer it is to use the laser. To be able to use laser, your skin tone has to be within range of light to medium skin tone.

Before usage, you will have to pass the skin test in order to proceed. If your skin color is too dark, the laser wouldn’t unlock.

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Today’s Makeup: Combining blue mascara with nude lipstick. Chanel Inimitable Waterproof 57 and Dior Addict Extreme 316 Incognito.


The end of September, and we still have sunny warm days, here, in Illinois. When it feels like summer, I want to hold on to my beloved summer makeup items just a bit longer, before the weather turns cold again.

For today’s makeup I’ve chosen two beauty products I want to bring your attention to, Chanel Inimitable watreproof mascara in 57 and Dior Addict Extreme lipstick in Incognito 316.

Overall, for my look, I used:


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