Today’s Makeup: Blue Eyes. Plus walk to the High Castle in Lviv.


E: Hi there! Today, I am sharing with you one of my makeup look, Blue Eyes. So easy to make, and so much pleasure to see the result.

R: Привет! сегодня поделюсь с вами одним из своих макияжев, в центре которого глаза. Он очень прост. Если приловчиться, то можно уложиться в 10-12 минут. Результат понравится многим.

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Lush Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar

E: Hi everybody! Very happy to be back in my blog. I’ve missed you a lot. Today, I am going to share with you my thoughts about, quite unusual form of shampoo, bar. Yes, a soap bar for hair, but let me start from the beginning…

R: Мои дорогие читатели, я рада видеть вас у себя в гостях. Очень соскучилась по вас и своему блогу. Сегодня хочу рассказать вам о шампуне для волос, который приобрела совсем недавно и совсем случайно. Но, начну сначала…

E: Few days ago, I walked through downtown Lviv (West Ukraine), and saw a prettily designed entrance to Opera Passage. Apparently named this way, because of the close location to Lviv Opera House. Of course, I walked in.

The inside was gorgeous. It reminded me of shopping malls in the USA, but smaller in size and more luxurious. Eye candy for beauty lovers. You can check all the stores, located inside Opera Passage, here. After satisfying my interest in founding what’s inside, I was ready to leave through back exit of the mall. When suddenly I looked to the side. The whole shopping window was decorated by colorful, yummy looking, desserts. Oh, delicious macaroons, I thought. Got to tell you, I was hungry at that time. Walked in, came closer to the stands… Wait a minute, these weren’t any desserts. I started reading the little signs in front of each product. These turned out to be beauty products. Yes, my mind tricked me.

R: Гуляя по центру Львова, обратила внимание на большие красивые витрины с парфюмерией от Chanel, Dior, Guerlain и других известных брендов. Эти витрины оказались одним из магазинчиков в торговом центре Opera Passage. Ознакомиться со всеми магазинчиками можно здесь Внутри здания очень красиво. Настоящая конфетка! Многие торговые центры Америки прячутся, не смотря на то что более огромные и предлагают больше товаров. Уют и ощущения люкса объединяются в торговом центре Львова.

Насмотревшись по сторонам, я уже направилась к заднему выходу, как увидела нечто, что заставило меня остановиться. Разноцветные десерты, аккуратно разложенные на подставках-вазочках. ‘Макарунс’, подумала я.

Должна заметить, я была голодна. Зашла внутрь, приблизилась к стендам. Присмотрелась к табличкам с надписями. Хм, да это никакие не десерты, а косметические продукты, точнее средства по уходу за кожей и волосами. Вот так мой мозг подшутил надо мной.


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Marc Jacobs nailpolish in Gatsby 110.


Today, I am sharing with you my thoughts and pics of another Marc Jacobs nailpolish, Gatsby 110.

Gorgeous metallic with pink undertone. Comparing to other Marc Jacobs nailpolishes, I own, Le Charm and Petra, it is stripy, when being applied.

Despite this fact, it looks amazing.


I am in love with this beautiful shade. Roses and champagne comes to my mind when looking at it.

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Guerlain Rouge in Madame Batifole 860, Madame Flirte 861 and Madame Reve 862.


Hi gorgeous! This weekend, I am off work. So, I want to share with a quick post about three quite amazing lipsticks from Guerlain Fall 2013 collection, Madame Batifole 860 (fuchsia), Madame Flirte 861 (pink) and Madame Reve 862 (red).

This wasn’t my first time, when I had a chance to try Guerlain lipstick in heavy metallic design. So, I was ready for my handbag to turn into exercise equipment, thanks to weight addition. Just kidding) Though, I’ve got more muscle mass, lately, because of running less and strength exercising more. Plus, I love my proteins…

OK, back to beauty talk.


The texture of these lipsticks is softer, comparing to previous Guerlain lipsticks, I’ve tried. It goes on smoothly. Feels light on lips. I personally apply these lipsticks by dotting them on my lips, and then smooth the texture with my finger. I do that, since I don’t want a lot of pigmentation. Though, you don’t have to worry that much about it. As I’ve already mentioned, the texture is soft. At the same time, it is well moisturized and glides on easy. So, you’ll be able to control, how much intensity you want for yourself.

This time, I am not going to do swatches on my arm. Instead, I am going to show you how different lipsticks look on me.

First, me without lipstick (Dior lip balm has been applied).


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